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Matt Fairbrother Wins NZ MTB Rally Entirely Self-Supported


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Matt took on The NZ MTB Rally in his signature, entirely unsupported style. Not only did this involve pedalling or hiking up all the ascents whilst all his competitors took 4x4 shuttles and heli-drops, it included huge overnight transitions through mountainous terrain. All this, whilst everyone else enjoyed a hot-cooked dinner, some R&R, a comfy bed, and a slap-up breakfast before a comfortable coach ride to the next day’s race location. As if that wasn’t enough, Matt carried his own kit & tools, ate only what he carried or could buy from local outlets, and slept in a bivy which he also carried around with him throughout the week.

All-in, Fairbrother clocked up a monstrous 582km (361 miles) and 17,382m (57,027 ft) of elevation in completing this herculean race-within-a-race.

Still not tough enough for you? We haven’t yet mentioned Matt’s 6-and-a-half-hour, 37 km overnight kayak transition in seriously tough sea conditions…when everyone else jumped on a sunrise catamaran transition across the Tasman Bay, whilst enjoying breakfast and fresh coffee served on-board.


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