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Hvis man skal sykle i Kristiansand, hvor sykler man?

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On 6/27/2024 at 10:12 AM, Polkadot said:

Skal en helg til Kristiansand med jobben i slutten av august. 

Hvor sykler man? 

Jeg bruker ofte ta en titt på global heatmap i Strava når jeg skal til et nytt sted. Og gjerne kvalitetssikre med litt Google maps, Streetview etc.

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Gtrail is only purpose built sti I know of. Upper(Rosseheia) good, G trail lower North shore madness less flow more akward tech.

Vest-bymarka would be my reccomendation, its not a clear winner and I dont have a route to reccomend. Up to Gråmannen is fairly easy to get to, some fun short descents.

Its a bit of a maze most places around Kristiansand making trailguide difficult to use, and too many sub par routes posted(growing pains,positive start). Most routes will involve getting off the bike. With the right attitude and/or a good guide, enjoy technical climbing, you can have fun. I wouldnt reccomend myself as a guide but was able to find fun routes after a lot of sweat, smiling of course.

Tømmerarbeid can be challenging last couple years, showing up to a reccomended trail with no trees is a possibity, I dont think thats just here. 

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Jegersberg, Bymarka eller Kjerrane. 

Vet det er lagt ut masse på Trailguide nå, men jeg ville prøvd å fått en guide for et par turer. Er massevis av stier og for å slippe se på kart hele tiden så er det jo effektivt. Og hyggelig 🙂

Bymarka og Jegers er nærme kvadraturen om du bor der så du kan la bilen stå. 

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